Writing in The Sciences.

A course to improve academic english.

I always struggle with presentations and public talks, my forte side is tet-a-tet discussions. However, my dreams, my thesis and my work imply speaking in front of more than one person.

Thanks to Fulbright I got opportunity to be part of Prof. Lorena A. Barba group, professor Lorena Barba, my inspiration in science, once recommended a course “Writing in The Sciences” on Coursera.

My world was flipped after this course:

  • Professor says - try to avoid passive voice. I was taught at university that I have to use passive voice to write in an academic manner.
  • Professor says - spend on writing 10% of all time to write a paper. For me, writing is usually the most painful and procrastinating work. But a new strategy from the course: 70% of the time to prepare information and brainstorming, then writing 10% and the rest 20 % is for editing!

I also enjoy that I could practice a lot during the course: various exercises, and even live editing videos.

I like an example from the video below (from 6min). Shows how difficult could be to find original source of information, and how information could be distorted.

For this who would like to apply to university of even for a new job will be useful lesson how to write personal statement: https://www.coursera.org/learn/sciwrite/lecture/uA4hp/7-6-writing-personal-statements